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The SIM Card dispenser is an effective tool in boosting the revenue of Telecom companies, as it allows the customers to buy Sim cards and avail the services of their choice, simply with a the click of a button. With more and more customers to serve, the Sim Card Dispenser and Vending Machine can prove to be the most coveted aid a Telecom company can have, by allowing the customers to rapidly and effectively buy SIM cards, top-up prepaid mobiles and pay bills with money, credit or platinum card with just one stop at the SIM Card dispenser.


With the SIM Card Dispenser, the Telecom administrators can easily let their staff shift their attention to more pressing matters such as answering inquiries from customers and providing required support, pursue developments and increase the over-all profitability of the company. These machines can be installed anywhere, from airports and railway stations to shopping malls, giving your customers the comfort of making their transactions at a place, and time of their convenience. The innovation of SIM Card vending machine is intended to be effortlessly incorporated into any current IT framework and to automate different deals and client administration, allowing these facilities to free up staff and office space. Medinyx provides computerized SIM Card dispenser with an inbuilt ID check system to help authenticate the transactions made by the customers.


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