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MedinyX Software Solutions presents the revolutionary solution to improve your insurance sales- M-KIOSK SYSTEM, which works as an Insurance Policy Sales Platform. The M-KIOSK SYSTEM is Secure, Reliable, Quick and provides you with updated information using Real Time Reporting.
M-Kiosk System is designed as an interactive policy sales device. This system is for the insurance companies providing travel insurance to its customers, for effortless and hassle-free service of travel insurance policy. There are always instances when people decide to take-off for a vacation on a whim and require immediate travel insurance. The M-Kiosks can provide them exactly what they need within seconds, along with the required documents.
The M-Kiosks are made secure by the use of Biometrics and other authentification procedures, protecting your customers from malicious attacks and incidents of hacking. These are also easy to use and guide your customers using step-by-step demonstrations.


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