Many hotels today are struggling to lower costs, identify new revenue streams and improve guest loyalty. These hotel check-in challenges are becoming increasingly difficult to overcome as guests have more choices and seek greater control over where, when and how they interact.
As a leading global provider of self-service solutions and hotel kiosks across industries, MedinyX looks closely at consumer behavior and applies best practices from retail, financial, travel and other areas to help guide your self-service strategy and transform the guest experience at home, en route and at the hotel. Hotels Can Benefit from Self-Service hotel kiosks.
Enhanced customer service, reduction to staffing costs, and a better utilization of hotel resources are just some of the hotel benefits obtained by successfully implementing hotel kiosk software. Many customers are already accustomed to using self-service alternatives for airline check-in, rental cars and supermarket checkouts. Today, customers are demanding the same convenience of kiosk hotel and use of hotel kiosk software in the hotel check-in process.


MedinyX Self-Service Hotel Check-in Kiosk Components


Fast and easy Hotel Check-in

Your clients can check-in to your hotel quickly and easily. Grant clients maximum privacy with kiosk hotel, they don't need to speak nor interact with any employee if they don`t want to. Increase hotel staff efficiency and employee availability with hotel kiosk software. The check-in process is intuitive, simple and fast:

  • Clients insert ID card or passport in the scanner.
  • The kiosk checks reservation and room key issues.
  • Kiosk hotel are custom designed for each deployment
  • Privacy guaranteed: guests can perform drive-through check-in at hotel kiosks

Improve hotel staff performance and customer service

  • Hotel kiosk shortens lines at key times, especially for those guests who are in a hurry.
  • Hotel kiosk software helps business travelers do what they want, when they want, i.e., booking air tickets, flight confirmations, booking if hotels and inns for travel etc.
  • Free staff up for those who really demand the caring service and human touch of hotel staff.

Employees Cost Saving

The kiosk hotel reduces manpower as it is Accurate, Fast and Reliable too. This cost cutting will ultimately result in profits and fastens the revenue.

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