The M-Kiosk System can be used for customer's entertainment and leisure. Using the M-Kiosk, they can easily buy movie tickets, select their seats, reserve tables at their favorite restaurants and obtain coupons for meals at their desired fast-food outlets, in a jiffy. The M-Kiosk can now be a guide to plan a fun-filled day with their loved ones.
People can view all the restaurants, movie theatres and all other cool hangouts in the area and select their preference. It allows them to book tickets for the movies they want to watch, choose their favorite seats and select from a variety of combo meals while booking tickets, so that your customers don't have to miss their movie waiting for their popcorn. Allow your customers to make reservations at the most popular restaurant in town, in the blink of an eye, promising them a wonderful day with their loved ones or a fruitful day of business with their associates.If your customers are hungry and in a hurry, help them to purchase food coupons of their favorite fast-food joint, from a place of their convenience, and treat themselves with your trademark delicacies.
The Kiosks mainly cater to the needs of the customers, but they can also lead to your rise to fame as your customers rate your place based on the level of your service and their satisfaction, especially if you've just started new. Also, post your advertisements on the kiosks so that people remember your name when they need a place to hang out.

The library of standardized ticketing application modules supports common consumer transactions, including:

Clients can mix and match plans based on the specific requirements of their deployment. KIOSK service options include:

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