E-commerce business models are entering a new dimension

In the digital age the consumer determines his preference of the delivery of goods. As mobility and agility have become key qualities in the mobile age, addresses are being replaced by electronic and mobile identities, reflecting the demands of a mobile society. Distribution, therefore, has to be redesigned to follow the new tendencies and the MBox is the ideal way for any business to integrate the delivery of parcels for ecommerce into their business. It is part of the solution for parcel delivering kiosk.
The way it works is quite simple, the consumer can choose amongst the different locations of the MBox for the parcel delivery. The delivery happens to a locker strategically located close to metro stations and other key geographic areas and it is unlocked by a PIN sent to the customer. The consumer can pick up the product at their time of choice rather than having to wait at home for a delivery person. The convenience and flexibility brought to your clients by the MBox system, our parcel delivering kiosks, can make your sales skyrocket.


Parcel delivery is becoming more and more integrated to the digital era where the physical address won’t be the only way of receiving a package. Mobility and on-the-go solutions will be a way to drive business and increase customer retention and satisfaction A parcel delivering kiosk can offer your company the perfect solution for your eCommerce business. At MedinyX we also have integrated solutions such as payment gateway and sales systems where every step of your eCommerce business will be covered and serviced.

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Customer satisfaction

Flexibility of time and place of delivery

Consumer base increase

Access to a broader group of clients

Delivery safety and speed

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MBox for other Industries



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Offer your clients the flexibility to pick up their shopping on their way from office to home, or on the way to a party at a friend’s house. In any situation, shopping on the go is the new way into the future of retail. Watch our video for further information.


Postal Services

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The future of postal services lies in mobility. Consumers want to have the option to pick up their parcel from the location that offers them more convenience. Close to home or to the office, before or after work. Wherever and whenever it suits them most. Watch our video for further information.

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