Kiosks for the banking industry can cost a fraction of the price of an ATM implementation and it’s a sure way of cutting the bank lines besides providing a user friendly and accessible banking experience to costumers.
The M-Kiosk System is the system for smooth and secure banking in order to provide your customers the best banking experience. The M-Kiosk can be used for withdrawal, deposit, printing of account balance sheets, money transfer to other accounts and much more. Saving your client's waiting time in long queues and allowing staff to be allocated in other key customer service and sales areas.
All the banking kiosk transactions are performed with the maximum security since the M-Kiosks utilize biometrics to authenticate the transactions carried out by your customer, keeping them safe from fraudulent activities. These Kiosks can also give clients the freedom to open accounts, perform e-banking, make inquiries, submit cheques and view information. The centralized system of the kiosks makes it possible for the bank to keep check of all the activities done on the kiosks and provides reports.
Banking kiosks are a fast way to increase your brand presence at locations that were previously inaccessible, such as malls, hotels and train stations at a fraction of the cost. A fast and cost-saving way to grow your operations and improve your brand perception.


B2C kiosk banking

  • Customers can come up to the kiosk and digitally fill and e-sign the KYC process along with identification and linkages of their Tax Identification numbers against local compliance's.

  • Customers can come to the BFSI Kiosk and settle local invoice payments by depositing cash into the Kiosk and doing a direct transfer.

  • Customers can come to the BFSI Kiosk and settle taxes due and other governmental fees.

  • If your customer have a third party mobile wallet which has virtual cash in it- the MedinyX BFSI kiosk which is globally patented and a first time feature in the globe can assist your customers to pull out physical cash from their various third party mobile wallets.

  • Buy, Sell, review your Portfolio status. New mutual fund investments- with digital signatures, enrollment into new Schemes, share trading and much more.

  • Directly sell to your customers new insurance schemes or premium collection center against ongoing schemes.
  • Customers can walk up to the various kiosks to check their credit worthiness and request for credits or loans.

  • New requests and Card payments- Customers can request for add on cards, request higher credit limits, settlement and payment of credit card bills via Cash.
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Banking Financial Services & Insurance Kiosk (BFSI)

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