With the new MKiosk technology, checking-in for a flight can become a quick and easy step for the customer and a cost-effective task for the airlines.
As the flow of people in domestic and international flights increase each year, checking-in can be very time consuming for passengers, since they encounter longer and longer lines at the counters. For the airlines, that also means they must have greater number of allocated staff for the peak times, performing repetitive tasks that don’t even help to improve brand perception.
This scenario can change with the MKiosk technology, since the tasks in the check-in counter can be automated and easily done by the client himself, at their convenience, cutting down both on waiting time for the customer and cost for the airlines.
Airlines which use kiosks affirm that their staff are freed up to perform the real customer service, the work that really adds value to the customers and help enhance brand perception.
MKiosk for airlines can be used for single or multiple airlines and can be customized for the needs of the client depending on the local security procedures such as including biometrics features.


Self Service Check-in Kiosk

With the MedinyX Kiosk solution, checking-in has never been faster. Passengers can scan their passports; enter their booking reference; and with a touch of button, check-in can be done with no time wasted in long lines.
Airports and airlines can now free up their staff for customer service that matters most. And passengers can feel more at control with seat selection, upgrades, choice of meal all at their fingertips.

Features - Airports & Airlines MKiosk Solution

  • Printing boarding pass and baggage-tags (with configurable number of check-in bags per passenger)

  • Identification of the checked-in passenger by scanning their boarding pass or passport and retrieving passenger information from Airline System

  • Scanning of passport and/or national ID

  • Multilingual capability

  • Real time virtual assistance through video chat (optional)

  • Seamless integration with airline systems like Departure control system (DCS), passport check services, visa check services etc.

  • Ancillary sales (buying upgrade, excess baggage etc.)

  • Payment by cash / credit card (Magnetic/ RFID/Smart Card/NFC)

  • Biometric security: retina & face, fingerprint

  • Manual key-in of booking reference

  • “Context sensitive help” information via text, image, voice and videos

  • Secure and encrypted data

  • Physical security features using camera and sensors to prevent counterfeiting (photo-substitution, data/chip alteration etc.) of travel documents

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A solution brought to you by MedinyX to optimize baggage check-in by putting the control of the process on the passenger’s hands.
Luggage can be easily dispatched by the passengers themselves, avoiding long lines and long walking distances to reach the airline counter.
The baggage drop kiosk technology is a great way to expand the check-in infrastructure of airports and airlines without the need of building extra floor area.

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MKiosk for Airports & Airlines

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