MedinyX Software Solutions presents a revolutionary solution 'The M-KIOSK™SYSTEM', which works as an Insurance Policy Sales Platform. The M-KIOSK™ SYSTEM is Secure, Reliable, and Quick and provides the Real Time Reporting.

The M-KIOSK™ SYSTEM is designed for an interactive policy sales device. This system is for the insurance companies providing Travel Insurance to its customers, for effortless and hassle free service of Travel Insurance Policy. The M-KIOSK™ SYSTEM addresses security by deterring users from maliciously attacking or hacking into their details of policies. It is sure that The MKIOSK™ SYSTEM secures the users' details. The M-KIOSK™ SYSTEM allows a policy buyer to work in a full screen mode with assistance of demo and advertisements. This is useful for users that require an insurer to interact with a single application and make the interaction with the policy company of technology with Secure, Reliable and Real Time Reporting for the insurance companies and their customers.

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